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Our Beverly Hills Botox® Clinic Specialties!

Meet Our Awarded Beverly Hills Botox® Doctor

  • Dr. Sam Assassa

Dr. Sam Assassa is an internationally renowned Botox® Beverly Hills non-surgical specialist with over 20 years of aesthetic medicine and cosmetic surgery experience. He received his medical degree with honors, and completed his internship at Loyola University-affiliated hospitals in Chicago and his residency at Case Western University-affiliated hospitals in Cleveland. He is a board certified specialist in Internal Medicine and regarded as one of the top Beverly Hills surgeons in the field of minimally invasive aesthetic surgery. He routinely travels nationally and internationally to lecture and teach his treatment techniques to other physicians and nurses. He is an associate member of the American College of Physicians, an affiliate member of American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, member of American Society of Liposuction Surgery, a certified educator of the International Academy of Aesthetics, and the President of The American Association of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery, an association dedicated to revolutionizing aesthetic and cosmetic surgery procedures. He has been exclusively practicing aesthetic procedures in Beverly Hills since 1995. He is an avid contributor to the global advancement of innovative non-surgical techniques and procedures.

I am committed to every patient and devoted to every procedure. My staff and I are dedicated to delivering the best results and service to our clients. Our client’s satisfaction is a reflection of our success and this is why we strive to deliver the very best experience!

Our Beverly Hills Botox® Treament Patients

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