• laser hair removal

Laser hair removal is the world’s most requested aesthetic treatment and we proudly offers today’s most effective laser hair removal procedures. Our non-intrusive laser treatments provide you fast, painless and consistent results at an affordable price, with the convenience of undergoing treatments in less than an hour. Through the use of leading phototherapy technology, IPL and Laser hair removal solutions offer a significant reduction in hair growth at the beginning stages of treatment. Boosting the speedy reduction results are our combination protocols which incorporate IPL and Nd:Yag for maximum efficiency. Consistency and convenience are our top priority, that’s why all of our laser treatments focus on removing hair at the fastest speed, and over the shortest length of treatments.

The Process


15 - 20 minutes


Price based on area


15 - 45 minutes


Redness up to 48-hours


After 5 - 6 treatments


Permanent reduction

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