• face and neck rejuvenation

Beverly Hills Aesthetics is dedicated to your overall health and wellness. Non-surgical face and neck rejuvenation needs to be viewed from a 3-dimensional perspective. Facial sculpting and volume restoration is as important as, if not more important than, skin tightening, skin collagen remodeling and wrinkle reduction. Our non-surgical face and neck treatments are effective ways to help restore beauty and regain youth by dramatically softening and replenishing facial features while restoring the neck appearance back to a soft contour.

Results vary by patient and no results are guaranteed.

Botox® For Wrinkles

Cosmetic injectables such as Botox® Dysport® and Xeomin ® can help restore youth by ridding of wrinkles & fine lines while slowing the aging process.
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Cheek Enhancement

Cosmetic fillers can be used to safely fill the cheeks, plumpen, soften and enhance the appearance of the mid face for fuller, natural and more youthful looking cheeks without surgery.
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ReLift© Tightening

Lower face & neck skin tightening treatments include clinically proven radio frequency & latest generation lasers that are highly effective for contouring the lower face and painlessly tightening the neck.
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Fillers for Volume

Cosmetic fillers such as Juvéderm® Perlane® Radiesse® and Restylane® can help enhance facial features by adding volume and restoring beauty.
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Organic Facelift™

Restore volume in the face by safely extracting fat from one part of the body and precisely injecting it into the face for an all-natural, organic and permanent result without scarring or downtime.
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SmileLift™ is an exclusive 30-minute non-surgical "expression procedure" designed to turn perma-mouth-frown, a sad permanent drooping mouth corner, upside down to enhance a smile.
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Chin Enhancement

Cosmetic fillers can be used to define the chin, add volume, reshape and enhance the appearance of depth and curves for a chiseled looking chin.
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Skin Rejuvenation

Skin rejuvenation treatments including laser resurfacing, chemical peels and serums are suitable for all skin types and can help repair sun damaged skin & acne while providing healthier looking skin.
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Non-Surgical Neck Lift

The appearance of the neck can be rejuvenated through a safe minimally invasive procedure that combines lasers, radio frequency treatment, micro needling and SmartLipo for a permanent neck lift.
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