ReFit® Tightening & Contouring

ReFit® Tightening & Contouring uses a combination of lasers and radio frequency (RF) technology to help target and melt fat cells while shaping and contouring the body while tightening, smoothening and firming the elasticity of the skin. ReFit® Tightening & Contouring is a new and effective solution for treating body areas including the abdomen, flanks, thighs, arms as well the sensitive lower facial areas including the jawline, jowls and neck. Significant results include body and face contouring, reshaping, skin elasticity restoration and tighter skin.

 Results vary by patient and no results are guaranteed.

The Process


15 - 20 minutes


Price based on area


30 - 60 minutes


Varies per patient


Varies per patient


Varies per patient

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